Verification of Competency (VOC)

Verification of Competency (or VOC) is an assessment that determines the current competency of a new entrant or existing worker for a particular occupational role.

Employers have a duty of care to ensure a safe workplace and show due diligence towards safety.  The employer’s responsibility is to ensure that workers can operate in a zero harm environment, and extends to verifying that workers are suitable and adequately skilled for the nature and risks associated with the work.

Verification of Competency allows employers to fulfill this duty and rest easy in the knowledge that their workforce is skilled, safe and productive.

Personnel need to complete a multiple choice questionnaire online (or onsite) followed by a pre-arranged practical assessment onsite performing tasks as set out by our assessors. 

NOTE: These Operator Safety VOC's cover GENERIC knowledge only. Machine / model specific knowledge and skills will be assessed during a Practical Assessment using the relevant equipment.

Successful candidates will receive an Interim VOC Assessment Notice as proof of competency until their VOC Certificate is processed and emailled.

For bookings or further details please contact us at or call our office on 08 9144 1170.

Assessment Review

  • Once you submit an assessment, a Daysafe Trainer will review your answers.
  • You will need to achieve a score of at least 80% to advance to the Practical Assessment.  
  • We will contact your employer to to advise them of the outcome. If you acheive the required mark, a practical assessment will be arranged onsite.
  • If you fail to acheive the required mark, it will be up to your employers discretion as to whether to continue or not. Further training may be required prior to re-assessment.
  • Depending on the result, we may offer a verbal test during the practical assessment to clarify and/or test the gaps in your overall knowledge. 
  • REMEMBER: This VOC covers GENERIC knowledge of Operator Safety only.
  • MACHINE SPECIFIC knowledge and skills will be assessed during the Practical Assessment using the relevant equipment
  • A Certificate will only be issued when both Theory and Practical assessments have been completed successfully.