Heavy Rigid Vehicle - Driver Licensing

Daysafe Training conducts HEAVY RIGID Vehicle Driver Licensing IN-HOUSE.

Our fleet consists of 3 Trucks.

1. Freightliner - Non-synchromesh ( Road Ranger )
2. Hino Beavertail - Synchromesh 
3. Hino Tray Truck - Auto

This allows us to complete all classes of Heavy Rigid truck licenses. 

There are three classes of gearbox type:

Open Class
The Open Class licence is completed using a truck with a “Road Ranger” gearbox. You will learn the skills
required to use crash gearbox and double de-clutch on all gear changes.

The “Road Ranger” gearbox is standard on trucks from the USA and some larger Japanese trucks.
The open class licence allows you to drive all Heavy Rigid Trucks.

These trucks still have many gears, but they are much easier to change than a “Road Ranger” Gearbox.
Most European trucks are equipped with a synchromesh gearbox.
The Synchromesh is a restricted licence meaning you can only drive trucks with a synchromesh gearbox
as well as automatic transmissions.

This license does not allow you to drive a truck fitted with a Road Ranger gearbox.

The Automatic licence is a truck fitted with an Automatic gearbox and drives like an automatic car.
This license restricts you to trucks fitted with automatic transmissions only.

What do I need to get my Heavy Rigid Driver's license?

In order to gain an HR class licence, you must have one of the following:

ID Required

Current Western Australian Drivers License.

LAPS Check (Licence Assessment Provider System)

We will conduct a check with the Department of Transports Licence Assessment Provider System to
ensure you are eligible to go ahead with the training and/or assessment.

Eye sight

An eye sight test will be carried out during a student’s enrolment or when obtaining a Learners Permit
from the Dept. of Transport.
If prescription glasses or contact lenses are required as per your drivers License, please make sure that
you wear them during all lessons and assessment.
If you believe it is likely that your vision may not meet the requirements for commercial drivers, it is
advisable to seek advice and take appropriate steps prior to making a booking.

Medical conditions

If you currently have a Medical condition, it may be a requirement for you to obtain medical advice
from a health care specialist. Mandatory reporting of medical conditions is dealt with by the
Department of Transport, Licensing Services.

Remember: If prescription glasses or contact lenses are required as per your drivers License,
please make sure that you wear them during all training and assessment.


All students are required to have a zero blood alcohol reading (BAC) at the commencement of
each, and all lessons, tests or assessments.
Daysafe Training has an ‘Alcolizer’ on the premises and you are required to submit a breath
analysis for each, and all of your lessons, instructions and/or assessments.

Other information

Wear appropriate and comfortable clothing, including fully enclosed shoes.

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