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TLIC3005 Drive heavy combination vehicle

HR Truck

Heavy Combination (HC Class)

  • HC (heavy combination) class vehicle allows you to drive a prime mover and semi-trailer; or
  • A heavy rigid class vehicle with a trailer that has a GMV (gross vehicle mass) exceeding nine (9) tonnes.
  • Authorised to tow one but no more than one trailer in addition to the trailer or semi-trailer because of which it is classified as of class HC if the additional trailer has a GVM not exceeding 9 t; or
  • An unladen converter dolly or low loader dolly as defined in the Road Traffic (Vehicle) Regulations 2014.
  • Any motor vehicle under HR class

Pre-requisites: Must have held a HR License for 12 months.

There are three classes of Heavy Combination – divided by gearbox type. 

  • Synchromesh
  • Non-Synchromesh (Road Ranger)
  • Automatic

Open Class Heavy Combination (HC)
The Open Class licence is completed using a truck with a “Road Ranger” gearbox. You will learn the skills required to use crash gearbox and double de-clutch on all gear changes.

The “Road Ranger” gearbox is standard on trucks from the USA and some larger Japanese trucks. The open class licence allows you to drive all Heavy Combination Trucks.

Synchromesh Heavy Combination (HC-B) 
These trucks still have many gears, but they are much easier to change than a “Road Ranger” Gearbox. Most European Heavy Trucks are equipped with a synchromesh gearbox.
The Synchromesh is a restricted licence meaning you can only drive trucks with a synchromesh gearbox as well as automatic transmissions.

This license does not allow you to drive a truck fitted with a Road Ranger gearbox.

Automatic Heavy Combination (HC-A) (Auto truck to be supplied by client)
The Automatic licence is a truck fitted with an Automatic gearbox and drives like an automatic car.
This license restricts you to Trucks fitted with automatic transmissions only.

We do not currently offer this license unless you supply the truck.

Please read the following 5 Step process to gaining your HR License! 

Or download the instructions here: Truck Licensing Page